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Holmberg Upholstery

Bring YOUR furniture..back to LIFE!

Upholsterer [ uhp-hohl-ster-er]: a person whose business it is to upholster furniture and, sometimes, to furnish and put in place wall hangings, curtains, throw rugs, pillows...and just plain old give expert advice on decorations!

         Thank you so much for visiting our website! If you're looking for help with upholstering your furniture, designing your interiors, and sound advice on both, then you've definitely come to the right place! At Holmberg Upholstery...we are EXPERTS in the Upholstery business.



         When you do something for 40 years, you tend to transition into the area of "expert". Our Upholstered pieces have been featured in the NW Arkansas Parade of Homes, and our client took the "Best Interior Design" award from the Home Builders Association. We are also proud members of the NUA - National Upholsterers Association.

           We participate in the Going Green Projects with the University of Arkansas, Washington Regional Medical, and NorthWest Medical Center to boost their eco-friendly initiatives. If you choose to use recycled textiles and materials, we can help with that as well.

           We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects. Our evidence of skill & professionalism is found in both experience and customer satisfaction listed on our testimonies and references page.





We at Holmberg Upholstery are doing our part to comply with the Center for Disease Control recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19. We require all guests visiting our place of business to wear a mask or face covering as recommended by the CDC. We offer "contact free" point of sale through PayPal, Venmo and Cashapp. And we can also process your payments through our Square terminal at our location. Thank you for your help in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus! -Trish and Robert

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